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Parque Atlantico, Santander, Spain

La Vaguada de las Llamas

Vulgare runs another eye-popping photo feature, this time on the 200-acre Parque Atlantico (“Atlantic Park”) in Santander, Spain.  Situated in a thalweg called La Vaguada de las Llamas (“The Valley of Flames”), the site was once a marshy estuary fed by a stream from the Atlantic Ocean.  Cut off from its coastal connection over the course of 19th and 20th century development, the site became an informal dumping ground for garbage, rubble and liquid waste, which progressively damaged its remaining ecosystem.  After the City Council gained control of the land in the early 2000s, it held a design competition for a park that would assist the site’s environmental recovery and serve as a beautiful and valuable public space.  The selected proposal, by architects Enric Batlle Duran and Joan Roig Duran, creates three levels, the lowest being a natural riverbed and artificial lake to host local wildlife and vegetation. Construction began in 2007, and the first phases of the park are now open to the public.

In addition to its terraces, gardens and paths, the park has a gym, an amphitheater, a playground, a cafeteria with roof garden and will eventually also host a museum and a botanical garden featuring flora from around the world.

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Field Trip: Greenbelt Native Plant Center

We’re taking another field trip!  The afternoon of Friday, June 25th, members of the Freshkills Park development team will be taking a guided tour of the Park Department’s Greenbelt Native Plant Center (GNPC) on Staten Island.  And you’re invited.

The GNPC is a 13-acre greenhouse, nursery and seed-bank complex specializing in the collection, cultivation and production of native plant material for the use of habitat restoration within New York City. They will also be operating a seven-acre native seed farm and a 750-tree nursery within the North Park section of the Freshkills Park site, as well as advising and contributing to large-scale rehabilitation of the site’s habitats.

The GNPC isn’t usually open for public tours, but to celebrate National Pollinator Week , Director Ed Toth will be walking us through their facilities and describing their many projects.  If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to or call (212) 788-8277.  We have public transit directions for folks coming without cars.

Friday, June 25th | 2:30-4pm
3808 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island

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