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Seeking a Freshkills Park Oral History intern

We meet people all the time who have stories about Fresh Kills.  Folks who live nearby, who used to live where the landfill now is, who worked on-site, who were part of the 9/11 recovery effort, who are part of the team working on landfill closure right now.  It’s a huge site that has played a role in the lives of so many people.  We want to start capturing their stories, in their words, for posterity.  So, as part of a larger Department of Sanitation-focused project, we’re joining with Dr. Robin Nagle at NYU’s Draper and Public History Programs to start a Freshkills Park Oral History Project.  And we’re seeking an intern to help us get it started.

The internship will run from January through the end of May and will focus on technical and management assistance to graduate students compiling the Sanitation archive, with the goal of gleaning knowledge and providing the Freshkills Park team with a guide to building an oral history archive.  The full description is available here.

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From pavement barrens to solar groves

A parking garage with photovoltaic panels at the University of California at San Diego.

Parking lots typically conjure up images of vast plains of asphalt half-full with vehicles baking in the sun.  But a handful of energy companies have begun to capitalize on these sun-drenched spaces without compromising their base utility.  Modular installations like EEPro’s Solar Carport and Envision Solar’s Solar Grove turn barren lots into solar farms via photovoltaic shade structures, generating energy while keeping cars cool and, in some cases, providing charging stations for electric vehicles.  One smart way of bringing productivity back to land appropriated by cars.

(via CleanTechnica)

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