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And the haiku awards go to…

Our judges have voted, and the winners of the Freshkills Park haiku contest are:

Adult winners:

Seen from outer space
Freshkills undergoing change
Refresh Google Earth


a park in my mind
landfill scarred islanders’ hearts
reclaimed, restored land

-Lindsay Campbell

From trash to treasure
As from rubble to ramble
We grow; we evolve

-Jessica Kratz

Youth winner:

30 Years

The fresh air, boat rides
On the swings, flying your kite
30 years be there

-Shade, Esmeralda, Alexus

Congratulations!  These poems will be featured in our next Fresh Perspectives newsletter (the online archives of which you can read on our official New York City homepage), and our winning poets will receive limited edition Freshkills Park hats.  

Thanks again to everyone who participated over the last month.  We received an amazing response of impressions and experiences of the Park ranging from thoughtful to hilarious.  And thanks also to our wise judges, Colin Cheney, Roy Pérez and Ted Powers, who are described below.

Colin Cheney is poet and lecturer at New York University. He previously directed the Green Roof Initiative at Earth Pledge, and co-coordinated the Rhode Island River of Words project, a program promoting poetry as a tool for environmental literacy.

Roy Pérez is a poet and a member of the Birdsong arts collective in Brooklyn.  He teaches at the Cooper Union and at New York University, where he is completing a Ph.D. in American literature.

Ted Powers is graduating with honors in English this month from UMass Amherst. His poetry has been published online and in print.


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