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Let them eat grass, cont’d

photo via The Official Google Blog

Photo via the Official Google Blog

Corporate masticating mowers: now officially a phenomenon!  Last week we mentioned Bayer Healthcare inviting sheep to chow down on their overgrown Richmond, CA lawn.  This week, Google has hired 200 goats to graze on dry brush at its Mountain View headquarters.  The goats will spend roughly a week mowing down the brush (which is a fire hazard) and fertilizing new growth.  They’re herded by a goatherd and a border collie.  And all this costs Google about the same as mowing.

We’re fans of this type of groundskeeping, of course, but what might be better still is a move away from having a lawn at all–instead planting native plants and/or xeriscaping.

(via TreeHugger)


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  1. in the UK some lucky cows are part of a historical landscape startegy and are therefore shipped in each summer to eat the grass by the Thames in Richmond (near Richmond Park) – its all about preserving the historical view but it also deals with the maintenance issue as well

    Comment by Felicity Waters | February 17, 2010 | Reply

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