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Our new binoculars

The generous folks at Nikon cut us a sweet deal on a few pairs of their new Ecobins binoculars. They’re manufactured with lead- and arsenic-free glass and built with non-chloride rubber ecobinsthat uses no harmful inks or dyes.  The straps and carrying bags are produced from sustainable eucalyptus and manufactured with minimal waste.  They even arrived in photodegradable, post-consumer boxes!  To boot, Nikon kicked in a few extra pairs of their 8×40 Action Series binoculars.  We’re very appreciative.  The binoculars will be put to good use on our public bus tours, and especially our bimonthly birding tours (the next one is July 26th).

Our purchase was supported by our faithful grantors at the New York Department of State Office of Coastal, Local Government & Community Sustainability, who have awarded us money under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund to expand our tour programs and environmental education efforts at Freshkills Park.


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