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No Impact Man movie trailer

We’ve been linking to Colin Beaven’s No Impact Man blog for a while now.  The No Impact project, and others like it, are appealing to us because they’re at least partly about assuaging the massive environmental guilt (or owning up to the responsibility, if you slice it that way) that comes with fuller understanding of our effect on the world around us.  This is something a lot of us in the office have felt acutely since joining the Freshkills Park project; the scale of the former landfill site really impresses upon you how every casual half-decision to throw something away or to take resources for granted can add up to an ultimately enormous environmental impact.  It can, of course, be incredibly consuming and frustrating to take every impact into full account and to try to avoid or offset it–see the trailer–and one thing we’ve figured out is that it’s important to set priorities and set limits on what behavior we’re willing and able to change.  Meanwhile, we’re grateful to folks like Colin who put the extreme efforts out there, challenging us to reach a little further.


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