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Black Gold at Bronx River Art Center

Abigail DeVille, Original Ganstas, 2008, mixed-media collage, 12 × 20 feet.

Abigail DeVille, ORIGINAL GANGSTAS, 2008, mixed-media collage, 12 × 20 feet

The Bronx River Art Center‘s new exhibit features work by Staten Island-based artist Tattfoo Tan and Bronx-based artist Abigail DeVille.  The show is called Black Gold, a term that’s often used to describe compost, and the work–painting, sculpture, installation–circles around issues concerning the natural environment.  From the curatorial text:

From glorified connections to oil drilling, to re-branded forms of jewelry, and even political forms of corruption, this ominous term allows Malaysian-born artist Tattfoo Tan and Bronx artist Abigail DeVille to bilaterally coalesce around themes of urbanity and nature, decay and environmental stewardship, and loss and congregation, to name a few.

The opening reception is this Friday, July 24, 6-9 pm, and the show runs through September 12.  Admission is free.


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  1. I would love to check the show out, that image is amazing!

    Comment by dsi console | July 29, 2009 | Reply

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