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New soil remediation technologies

Veru-Tek's On-Site Soil Remediation

An illustration of success in one of Veru-Tek's on-site soil remediation projects.

Veru-Tek Technologies has developed a spin on phytoremediation to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater on brownfield sites.  Where traditional phytoremediation uses in situ plants, Veru-Tek uses extracts derived from plants, nanometals produced from plant extracts, and other natural substances to dissolve and oxidize contaminants (like coal tar, chemical solvents and petroleum byproducts) in place, turning them into non-toxic compounds.  One method developed by Veru-Tek involves injecting a biodegradable substance similar to corn oil or coconut oil into the soil, where it breaks down pollutants  into smaller molecules and reconfigures them into harmless byproducts.  The company’s remediation methods have been demonstrated in a number of brownfield sites and provide an alternative to hauling contaminated material to landfills.

(Via CleanTechnica)


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  1. An EPA SITE-program approved biotechnology for soils called DARAMEND has been used to treat over 7,000,000 metric tons of soils contaminated with pollutants such as chlorinated solvents, organic explosives, pesticides, heavy metals and petroleum-based hydrocarbons. Numerous case studies available via web search.

    Comment by ScienceGuy | October 6, 2009 | Reply

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