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Toward the Sentient City

Amphibious Architecture

Amphibious Architecture, an East River water monitoring system, is one of five commissioned projects included in the exhibit.

Toward the Sentient City, an exhibit organized by The Architectural League of New York, examines the implications for architecture of the proliferation of sensor, mobile and other new technologies.  According to curator Mark Shepard:

The exhibition examines the relationship between ubiquitous computing, architecture and the city in terms of the active role its citizens might play – or neglect to play – as both designers and inhabitants, in the unfolding techno-social situations of near-future urban environments.

The exhibit includes TrashTrack, the very intriguing project which we’ve blogged about before, as well as Too Smart City, an array of street furniture, signage and trash receptacles that interacts with passers-by.  The trash cans demonstrate “overly enthusiastic usage of computational intelligence” by analyzing garbage deposits and throwing recyclable or unacceptable trash back out.  Among other projects on display is Amphibious Architecture, a submerged water monitor system in the East River, designed by Columbia University’s Living Architecture LabThe exhibit is on view until November 7th at The Urban Center, 457 Madison Avenue, New York City.  Admission is free.


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