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Gordon Matta-Clark’s “Freshkill”

UbuWeb, the large online archive of avant-garde art, has posted a streaming video of Gordon Matta-Clark‘s 1972 “Freshkill,” filmed at the Fresh Kills Landfill.  The short film depicts the destruction of the artist’s truck by a bulldozer.  The video is also available for download as an MP4.


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The facts of bioremediation

Greenmuseum interviews Terry Hazen, Director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Environmental Biotechnology and the Head of Ecology at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, about bioremediation, its benefits and its hazards.  Hazen is a well-spoken expert on the subject of remediating contaminated sites and the microorganisms that can be used to do so.  Below, he gives a comprehensive lecture on the subject as part of the lab’s lecture series.

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Economics of ecosystems

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) project aims to build awareness of the economic benefits of biodiversity by quantifying the costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and to offer strategies developed through science, economics and policy to move toward net growth in biodiversity.  The project sets it sights particularly on emphasizing the role of natural systems in combating climate change through carbon storage; its agenda is to increase global funding and policy initiatives for ecosystem restoration.

Treehugger points out a compelling bit of monetization:

TEEB points out that the rate of return on investments to preserve the Earth’s ecological infrastructure can offer a great return on investment. An investment in maintaining natural areas of $45 billion could preserve some $5 trillion a year in (currently unpaid for) ecosystem services.

These sort of environmental economics seem to be catching on.

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