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Revamping Cleveland’s Public Square

One of three design proposals from James Corner Field Operations, re-envisioning Cleveland's Public Square.

Landscape architecture and urban design firm James Corner Field Operations has prepared three new design proposals re-imagining Cleveland’s Public Square.  The downtown park is bisected by two roads and perceived, in its current state, as a dead zone between skyscrapers.  The proposals aim to restore a “town commons” feel and prioritize pedestrians, creating a celebrated public amenity and increasing real-estate values in the area.  The firm, now famous for their design of the High Line and Freshkills Park, was commissioned by non-profit organizations ParkWorks and Downtown Cleveland Alliance to produce the designs, which will soon be presented to the public in a town hall meeting.

(via Fast Company and Architecture and the Urban Landscape)

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Garbage Dreams

A new documentary called Garbage Dreams will be screening at Manhattan’s IFC Center for one week starting today, January 6th.  The film follows three teenage boys who grow up in a “garbage village” on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, where residents are referred to as Zaballeen, Arabic for “garbage people.”  For years, the city of Cairo has relied on Zaballeen to collect municipal garbage.

These entrepreneurial garbage workers recycle 80% of the garbage they collect, creating what is arguably the world’s most efficient waste disposal system.

The director, Mai Iskander, will be present (and, we imagine, will answer questions) tonight through Sunday at the 6:30pm shows.

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