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First wind farm on a US college campus

Quinnipiac University in Connecticut is completing installation of a 32,000 kWh wind farm on their York Hill campus.  The project is considered to be a first on an American college campus, and the energy generated by these 25 vertical-axis micro-turbines, which vary in height from 35 to 45 feet, will power half of the external lights on the 250-acre campus.  This is a relatively small-scale project, but it seems like a harbinger for future renewable energy projects in campus and large-parcel planning and design.

The wind farm is the centerpiece of a larger sustainable design strategy prepared by Centerbrook Architects and Planners and works toward the larger goal of generating 20% of the campus’ total power through renewable resources.  Other components of the strategy include  solar photovoltaic panel installation on a residence hall, cogeneration micro-turbines, buildings constructed with recycled and renewable materials and a sustainable stormwater management plan.

(via Jetson Green)

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