Freshkills Park Blog

About the blog

Freshkills Park Blog is compiled by members of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation team working to develop Freshkills Park.  Blog entries represent the interests and views of just a few individuals, and should not be taken to represent positions or opinions of the agency or City of New York as a whole.  Mostly, we just think that Freshkills Park is a fascinating and inspiring project that weaves together a series of unusual issues and disciplines: waste management systems, ecology, landfill infrastructure, urban planning and landscape architecture, public art, land reclamation, sustainability, renewable energy, New York City history.  The list goes on.

While Freshkills Park Blog is partly a venue to share photos and updates about our latest events, tours and capital projects, it is also an opportunity to share some of the incredible stuff we happen upon while learning on the job: cool web sites, interesting related projects, upcoming talks, activities or exhibits, media and news related to one of the many aforementioned issues and disciplines.  In short, the blog is what we think about when we think about Freshkills Park.

The New York Department of State, through the Office of Coastal, Local Government and Community Sustainability, has provided funding for Freshkills Park communications under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

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